High Yield Advisors runs 1.3 million property portfolio simulations.

High Yield Advisors (HYA), a leading Real Estate investment organization based in Dubai has revolutionized the way they build real estate investment portfolios for their clients. 

HYA has developed and applies an algorithm that runs over 1.3 Million simulations for the selection and acquisition of the most profitable and risk-controlled properties for its clients.

The company has developed with the support of students from Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi, a complex and powerful mathematical matrix that enables them to simulate a multitude of real estate investment possibilities within the Dubai secondary property market.  

The mathematical algorithm runs 1.3 million simulations for investors seeking to create a profitable investment portfolio built upon real estate assets. The algorithm is able to compare and utilize the historical financial data of thousands of properties within different areas in Dubai. Exerting these results, HYA are able to calculate the best investment solutions for their clients.

The algorithm results are then overseen by the HYA board who ensure it is aligned with each clients’ individual strategy and risk profile, HYA apply an internal rating method based on key parameters to ensure the most valuable buildings are selected. 

This dual approach has proven to produce very reliable results in terms of the consistency of the profits and matching of investment expectations.

Patrick Parmeggiani, Founder, HYA, said: “Dubai has always been a place of rapid growth and development, making it difficult for investors to make the right decision on where to invest. We have bridged that gap to relieve investors of this problem by implementing a proven mathematical model. We often see investors decisions heavily influenced by the inviting marketing campaigns, however this approach can sometimes lead an under performing asset and compromise their investment experience in Dubai. The city has the capability of generating generous yields, and with our approach we make the investment experience transparent, profitable, and enjoyable for our investors.”

Dubai Land Department (DLD) has reported plans for the Real Estate Self Transaction (REST), a platform for conducting safe and fast real estate transactions anytime and from anywhere.

The new platform, as part of DLD's commitment to the Dubai 10X pursuit, empowers the total digital administration and management of land exchanges, eradicating paper documents and easing brokerage procedures, an announcement said.

The project is intended to be developed and ready for implementation by the first quarter of 2020.

Sultan Butti bin Mejren, director general of Dubai Land Department said: “By removing many traditional limitations in the real estate transaction process, the smart real estate system allows landlords to trade and sell their properties anytime and from anywhere in the world.

"We have deployed advanced technologies and real estate systems based on a deep understanding of the needs of property owners. By enabling customers to directly manage all elements of the real estate transaction process online, the platform helps them save considerable time and effort.”

He included that the project covers all real estate exchanges, such as buying and selling along with other services such as mortgages.

“As one of our company core values, High Yield Advisors always invests money and effort in innovation and enthusiastically welcomes any technological improvement the Dubai Land Department (DLD) will make. Our business model is built to create complete transparency and seamless investment processes for our clients; with our recent ISO:9001 certification acquisition and these future changes from the DLD we are sure we will be able to definitely enhance our clients’ real estate investment experience.” said Marcello Arcangeli, Partner, High Yield Advisors

By connecting the investor directly to the bank through an innovative application, clients will be able to access mortgage services much easier. Neither one of the parties be needed to be physically present as all property information is accessible on the web.

Utilizing the framework, the banks can offer direct mortgages, deposit the loan amount directly into the in the customer's account, or decommission the mortgage simply in case of sale and purchase.

Dubai Crown Prince introduces next stage of 'Dubai 10X' technology improvement initiative

 Amid the projects launched this year is a blockchain based solution for smart contracting plans from Dubai Tourism

Sheikh Hamdan, Crown Prince of Dubai and chairman of the Dubai Executive Council propelled 26 activities to be embraced by 24 Dubai Government entities as a feature of the 'Dubai 10X' initiative.

The 10X project was first put together in February 2017, with the expressed point of making Dubai a world capital of advancement and innovation within 10 years, changing Dubai into "a city of the future."

Among the activities launched for the current year are a blockchain solution for smart contracting projects from Dubai Tourism, a "digital DEWA" venture, a self-service framework from the Department of Land and Property and a human genome venture from the Dubai Health Authority.

The implementation of the projects follows the foundation of a specific board of trustees which assessed in excess of 160 ideas from 36 government entities over the course of the recent year.

Following the unveiling of the 26 ventures at the current week's World Government Summit, Sheikh Hamdan said the success of governments is dictated by their aspiration and ability to re-create themselves, redesign services to take into account developing needs, and utilize their assets and abilities to meet the necessities of residents.

“The UAE offers the world a practical model for developing innovative government service solutions and reorient operational systems and frameworks to enhance the happiness levels and improve the quality of life of the public,” Dubai Crown Prince said, adding that the model “reflects the creative potential” of the UAE.

“We are ushering in a new phase of development for government services by transforming a whole host of innovative ideas into reality,” he noted. “The projects we have launched will transform government operations and enhance their flexibility to adapt to changes and future needs in an accelerated time frame of 24 months.”

British amongst the highest Investors in the UAE

British nationals have contributed US$8.47 billion (AED31.1 billion) in Dubai's real estate throughout the last four years (2014-2017), as indicated by statistics released by Dubai Land Department, DLD. The United Kingdom is one of the biggest investment source markets for Dubai's real estate.

Following the Brexit vote in 2016 the subsequent move for separation from European Union by the British Government, Britain has witnessed a massive outflow of capital towards alternative investment.

Following the Brexit vote in 2016 the consequent move for partition from the European Union by the British Government, Britain has seen surge of capital towards outbound investment.

Moreover, the sound regulatory system and strong foreign investor protection makes Dubai an idyllic market for venture for British investors other foreign investors in Britain who need to secure their money in a more steady and higher-yield environment, of which the UAE possesses all the necessary qualities.

The International Real Estate and Investment Show, IREIS, is additionally set to attract the greatest global names within the real estate industry to London with IREIS 2018 – UK Edition. To be held at one of the prime areas of London City "The Queen Elizabeth II Center", Westminster from 22nd-23rd June, 2018, the show serves a one-stop for UK investors who are looking for the ideal investment opportunities in the UAE.

Organised by DOME Exhibitions, the IREIS 2018 – UK Edition will host a spectrum of property developers, investment and real estate brokerage companies which will showcase the latest offers across the seven emirates and around the world.

“UAE thrives with its low tax environment, world-class infrastructure and 100 percent ownership prospects for foreign investors in selected zones, the UAE has rapidly risen as one of the most sought-after choice among foreign investors,” Antoine Georges, Managing Director of DOME Exhibitions, said.

"UAE flourishes with its low tax environment, world-class framework and 100 percent ownership prospects for overseas investors from specific regions, the UAE has quickly ascended as a standout location amongst foreign investors." Said Giovanni Caradonna, Managing Partner, HYA.

“With the upcoming Expo 2020 Dubai ahead, the country is expected to possess such key drivers that will uphold a healthy outlook for the real estate market, further cementing its position as the top tourism and business hub in the world. Several government initiatives had also been launched to fast-track investors’ transactions within the country, with the Dubai Land Department reducing transaction period to 10 days.

With the upcoming Expo 2020 Dubai ahead, the country is expected to see additional drivers solidifying it’s a healthy outlook for the real estate market. A few government activities have likewise been launched to fast-track investors’ transactions within the country, with the Dubai Land Department reducing transaction period to 10 days.

 “The UAE holds exactly what British investors look for in each venture: high quality real estate with a promising return on investment. This opportunity, combined with a prosperous economic growth and stability are vital drivers to the UAE’s increasing investors’ base.”

"The UAE holds precisely what British investors search for in each venture: premium real estate that delivers a promising rate of profitability. This opportunity, joined with a generous economic growth and stability are crucial drivers to the UAE's expanding investors’ base." Quoted Patrick Parmeggiani, Partner, HYA.

Improved Regulation and Focus on Digital Technology to Confirm Dubai ‘Safe Haven’ Position for Investors.

The past years have proven Dubai has reached a good level of resilience toward worldwide economy fluctuations, like the one caused in late 2015 from the deep decrease of oil price.

Resilience, political stability and a clear, ambitious development plans for the future are right fundamentals to attract foreign investment and to generate the right level of confidence in foreign investors, whilst always maintaining a vibrant economy.

The positive investment background has improved in the past years also thanks to the Dubai Government implementation of a new and more articulated set of rules, regulating the financial sector, and the focus on a future supported by digital technology.

Digital technology has become an essential application in all sectors when considering the path to the future, when planning on how to improve the future for the people and to improve shared prosperity.

The UAE is working hard to reach a top position for what regards trust and number of opportunities, so to set an improving trend in terms of the investment attractiveness of the Country.




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