Dubai Real Estate keeps attracting High Net Worth (HNW) Individuals

Date: June 19 2017

Purchasing a second home remains one of the most glittering attractions for Multimillionaires. Dubai Real Estate Market figures confirm the UAE City to be one of the favourited places worldwide where wealthy investors direct their attention.

Dubai result to be one of the top five spots for ultra-rich second home purchase choice (cit. Net World Wealth).

The white sandy beaches, the sunny weather all-year-around, the airport and transportation  infrastructures, the safe environment of Dubai keeps attracting multi-millionaires toward Dubai Real Estate luxury property market, with number of acquisitions arising in the past year against other top world spots as the Hamptons, Miami, Geneva, Paris Zurich and Los Angeles.

As per December 2016, it is estimated that 8,600 multimillionaires have acquired second homes in Dubai, those wealthy individuals with over 10Mln USD in the bank or other assets, globally.

This above is important data as the HNW individuals choice always set a strong buying trend for the property acquisition made on all properties range.

The effort spent  by Dubai government in the past 15 years to create a modern model of second millennium city, supported by first class infrastructures and welcoming an expect community of over 80 different nationalities looks to be  paying  off.

And it is not the end of the game, as Dubai has presented even more amazingly ambitious plans for the UAE 2030, some of those already under execution for the coming  Dubai EXPO 2020, which is considered unanimously the opportunity for this city to stand the comparison against the top cities in the world, deleting once for all any existing cultural barrier and the doubtful  perception of those skeptics.

Top 10 Second Home spots worldwide for multimillionaires (source: Net World Wealth):

  1. London - 19,500
  2. New York City - 18,400
  3. Hong Kong - 15,000
  4. Singapore - 11,700
  5. Dubai - 8,600
  6. The Hamptons - 7,800
  7. Geneva - 5.500
  8. Miami - 5,000
  9. Paris - 4,800
  10. Zurich - 4,600



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