Real Estate Assets Management. The more you spend the more you save.

Date: 3rd July 2017

Real estate management and property management are a number of services related to the acquisition and rental of a property, its maintenance, the profitable performance of the investment and the peace of mind regarding arrangements for owners and tenants.

There is a cost associated to these services, sometimes considered too high, not worth and a often unnecessary.

Owners tend to misjudge the asset management cost and show lack of view against the added value to save time from all those activities related to property  purchase and transfer, activation of utilities, tenant search, collection of cheques, etc. How much time and money all these activities take from the owner require professional activity?

If you add to the above the cost of letting the property deteriorating pretty fast in time, loosing market value and requiring a huge investment to make the property attractive to buyers after only a few years of leasing, it might be the case to reconsider the full cost economy of asset management.

It requires the strength to leave a short  sighted view and embrace a vision where you keep the asset value and to ensure future profit.

Real Estate Asset Management and Property Management extend the valuable life of the asset, it consistently reduces the risk of major breakage and fixing, effectively reduces the waste of energy and water. It always gives a clean and hygienic look to the property and enhances a sense of safety in the tenants, it tremendously reduces the searching time of new tenants, ultimately increasing on medium to long term, the overall profitability of the investment.

There is a need to educate owners and investors in order to save their time and face the cost of asset and property management with ease, ultimately it is the best choice to guarantee profitable growth and peace of mind within the investment.



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