International real estate investment. The edge against global market risks

DATE: June 27 2017

Todays political global upsets, the strong volatility on the energy prices, a general atmosphere of economical uncertainty has allowed international real estate investment to be considered as a solid investment.

Figures coming from the Luxury Property Show in London confirm a global market two digit growth for luxury property international investments, with a chance to see extremely interesting yields as a result of an investment based on tangible assets.

Once the investors have recognized the added value of real estate investment, then where do you begin?  Where in the World to Invest? Where is the best opportunity?

To answer those questions events like the Luxury Property Show and other similar events (like Cityscape in Dubai) can be opportunities to initiate an understanding of the market place and share ideas and opinions with other investors.

The increasing quality and improved range of property services from organizations in many places across the world it helps to get more of an inside view in the specific elements related with an investment in a specific region.

Surrounding the emotional attraction that some places can represent, there are always a number of local regulations and procedures that the investor needs to get in touch with, before being able to really quantify the price and the time expenditure related with the investment.

Within the service providers industry there are a number of speculators who are more willing to ride the wave of personal economical ambitions, rather than to work and understand the real needs of the investor and work the best performing investment property portfolio in line with the investor risk profile.

The suggestion to the investors is to require always transparency and clarity, trying to understand the specific market dynamics and get the confidence that all has been discussed, to ensure no surprises will be to appear during the investment lifespan.



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