How to reach world’s top 10 best destination in the world.

Date: June 27 2017

Among 300 places analyzed for a travel ranking study by the US News and World Report, Dubai has surprisingly positioned in 10 place, the first ranked City within the Middle East and North Africa region.

The result of the study comes after the analysis  and ranking of a number of parameters such as sights, adventure, romance, food, nightlife and culture.

The effort over the last fifteen years by Dubai Government to develop Dubai as the City is is today (with more ambitious plans for the future) seems to be paying off.

For sure the singular attractions mixed with the unique atmosphere created by the Gulf sea and the desert dunes, supported by an amazing hospitality infrastructure at all level of costs have helped Dubai to reach its spot in the list.

It is the excellent result of a powerful vision, and the belief in the capability that today anybody can visit, enjoy, love at any age,  and to feel welcome and safe, it is difficult to comprehend that the city’s development has expanded in just over 2 decades.

We live in Dubai as expats, we respect and work hard because Dubai is like nowhere else in the world; you feel an important part of such a visionary project. Like all extraordinary visions we hear as well the critics, we survive the summer heat, but Dubai remains that unique place where no matter what spectacular place in the world you visit either for holidays or work, having the best time of your life,  you always make you happy at the thought of coming back home.

The best 15 Places to visit in the world:

  1. Rome
  2. Sidney
  3. Porto
  4. London
  5. Paris
  6. New York City
  7. Florence
  8. Prague
  9. Barcelona
  10. Dubai
  11. Amalfi Coast
  12. Honolulu
  13. Gran Canyon
  14. Bali



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