Why a good real estate agent can make all the difference

In 2017, people shouldn't be the pain point of looking to buy property. Estate agents should be there to help: to be useful sources of information, to find you what you want and to help you figure out what you need.

Historically, that has not always been the case here in the UAE, and agents have been derided by both the public and the media. Often with good reason. But the expectations, legal requirements and professionalism in the market has improved dramatically in recent years, resulting in there being some excellent agents and real estate companies here today. Thankfully, most of the bad ones have been weeded out.

The competition for buyers, renters, landlords and vendors has increased. For years now, it's a basic expectation that property listings have photos, most professionally shot, some with video and virtual tours, plus detailed information about the property. Furthermore, anyone advertising a property in Dubai today must also submit supporting documents to verify they have the owner's authority to market the property. Standards, regulations and consumer expectations have changed. And they will continue to evolve.

In mature markets, transaction data is readily available and the best agents are happy to advertise their successes, knowing it's the best way to secure sellers and buyers. Few sales take place where the buyer or seller isn't aware of all recent transactions of nearby properties as well as the transaction track record of the agent.

Dubai is the most transparent real estate market in the region and will continue to adopt global best practices. Agents who are at the forefront of this transparency evolution have chosen to be part of the solution. This is critical as more and more people in the UAE are relying on the web for their property search.



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