Huge Investment Capital Deployed in Dubai ahead of Expo 2020

It is a matter of fact the full commitment of Dubai to make the EXPO 2020 the opportunity to show the world the level of advancement of a relatively new city and its ambition to confirm its role as the regional and one of the top world business hub.

Transport and Infrastructure, housing construction and hospitality infrastructure represent the core of Dubai investment.

Civil infrastructures and transportation investments count for 17.4 BnUSD, housing construction sees 13.2 BnUSD and 11 BnUSD is the total investment in hotels and theme parks.

Within the infrastructures, the development of new Al Maktoum Airport count for 8 BnUSD and is meant to increase the capacity of Dubai airport to 160 Million travelers, considered that the Dubai International Airport in 2017 has counted a traffic of 88Millions travelers.

Underway projects of a new metro line, new Dubai Exhibition City, various new housing and hospitality developments are meant to serve an expected ambitious 300,000 visitors per day to this first ever EXPO assigned to a Middle Eastern Country.

All the present effort is focusing on diversifying Dubai economy to be able to depend always less and less form the oil revenues (counting today for 6% only of Dubai public revenues) and is expecting to boost the city business and work opportunities.

Real Estate is expected to play a role in the boost of business opportunities and in welcoming all those who will come to visit and work in Dubai in the coming years.

The Government capital investment and the concentrate effort to show the best shape of Dubai during EXPO 2020 is meant as well to position the City Sate on top of world ranking and to create the economic dynamics to keep the same position for the years to come.



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