Improved Regulation and Focus on Digital Technology to Confirm Dubai ‘Safe Haven’ Position for Investors.

The past years have proven Dubai has reached a good level of resilience toward worldwide economy fluctuations, like the one caused in late 2015 from the deep decrease of oil price.

Resilience, political stability and a clear, ambitious development plans for the future are right fundamentals to attract foreign investment and to generate the right level of confidence in foreign investors, whilst always maintaining a vibrant economy.

The positive investment background has improved in the past years also thanks to the Dubai Government implementation of a new and more articulated set of rules, regulating the financial sector, and the focus on a future supported by digital technology.

Digital technology has become an essential application in all sectors when considering the path to the future, when planning on how to improve the future for the people and to improve shared prosperity.

The UAE is working hard to reach a top position for what regards trust and number of opportunities, so to set an improving trend in terms of the investment attractiveness of the Country.




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