Dubai Crown Prince introduces next stage of 'Dubai 10X' technology improvement initiative

 Amid the projects launched this year is a blockchain based solution for smart contracting plans from Dubai Tourism

Sheikh Hamdan, Crown Prince of Dubai and chairman of the Dubai Executive Council propelled 26 activities to be embraced by 24 Dubai Government entities as a feature of the 'Dubai 10X' initiative.

The 10X project was first put together in February 2017, with the expressed point of making Dubai a world capital of advancement and innovation within 10 years, changing Dubai into "a city of the future."

Among the activities launched for the current year are a blockchain solution for smart contracting projects from Dubai Tourism, a "digital DEWA" venture, a self-service framework from the Department of Land and Property and a human genome venture from the Dubai Health Authority.

The implementation of the projects follows the foundation of a specific board of trustees which assessed in excess of 160 ideas from 36 government entities over the course of the recent year.

Following the unveiling of the 26 ventures at the current week's World Government Summit, Sheikh Hamdan said the success of governments is dictated by their aspiration and ability to re-create themselves, redesign services to take into account developing needs, and utilize their assets and abilities to meet the necessities of residents.

“The UAE offers the world a practical model for developing innovative government service solutions and reorient operational systems and frameworks to enhance the happiness levels and improve the quality of life of the public,” Dubai Crown Prince said, adding that the model “reflects the creative potential” of the UAE.

“We are ushering in a new phase of development for government services by transforming a whole host of innovative ideas into reality,” he noted. “The projects we have launched will transform government operations and enhance their flexibility to adapt to changes and future needs in an accelerated time frame of 24 months.”



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