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“We generate stress-free passive income for all of our clients. HYA is your Dubai investment experience like nothing ever before! 

Patrick Parmeggiani - Partner

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Patrick Parmeggiani - Partner


"Managing wealth since 25 years I have done what I’m really born for.

This is a mission, not a standard job and it can't work if you aren’t driven by passion, honesty, transparency and good faith.

My love towards efficiency and innovative management systems has been the driver which has given to me the strength to create and make true this unique company throughout the market volatility and the big changes which affected Dubai in the past years."

Marcello Arcangeli - Partner

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Marcello Arcangeli- Partner

"I love aviation and everyday in my work I use the same level of precision and attention as I would to captain a aircraft.


High Yield Advisors is my plane, bringing the clients on board and to fly high with them, and landing their investments safely. My love for financial details is my true strength, a pilar of reliability for all our investors."

Giovanni Caradonna - Partner

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Giovanni Caradonna- Partner

"In the Marine Corps I learned my love for order and security, together with the importance of structuring well an operation. I am grateful to have crossed the gate of the Naval Academy over 30 years ago. There is no day where I don't apply those teachings to my work, even if what I do now is so different to my early years."

Tom Fawcett - Marketing Manager

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Tom Fawcett - Marketing Manager

"I am one of the young resources in the company, marketing is my passion and I live it everyday by working in such a professional environment. Joining this company has been a true challenge, but what is better to see growth and success to come thanks to my everyday efforts? I always consider the client at the centre of everything I present, create, deliver, write or publish."

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