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Investor Residence Visa

Visa Overview:

Since 2015 the Dubai Government activated the procedure to allow residential real estate owners to obtain a 3 year residency investor visa with the ability to sponsor immediate above or below family and a house maid. In-order to apply for the investor visa, the individual must invest a total of AED 1,000,000 or above, this can be a cumulative amount from multiple properties

that are fully paid with no mortgage.

By obtaining a residency visa investors are able to:

  • Obtain Emirates ID

  • Open a Local Bank Account (Not subject to CRS)

  • Obtain a UAE Driving License

  • Buy a Car

  • Setup Post Paid Utilities

Additional Benefits:

  • Property linked to a visa can be rented without any restriction.

  • Any rental income is tax exempt.

  • Once becoming a UAE Resident, the investor is totally free to choose if to register as a UAE tax resident or to keep the tax residency in their own country.

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