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Asset Rating

HYA assign a rating to every property selected to be proposed as part of an investment portfolio.

We internally rate Dubai properties based on the following parameters:

  • Location

  • Quality of the Construction

  • Market Appeal

  • Quality of the Maintenance


Only properties that have a rating of 4 and above are eligible to be part of a client’s portfolio. 

We consider a rating of 1 high risk and a rating of 5 low risk.

We avoid ratings of 1 to 3, as we consider them too high risk for our Clients, this is aligned to our business policy.


Location is always a key factor for both tenants and investors when selecting a property.

Our local market knowledge enables us to identify both up-and-coming locations together with established locations that generate excellent yields and growth opportunities. Key factors such as transport links, access to leisure facilities and the surrounding environment are all taken into consideration when assessing our location rating.



Due to the number of different developers and construction companies in Dubai there is a significate difference in the quality of construction in many developments.

HYA rates each individual property on the quality of construction, overall finish, materials used, floor plan layout and property amenities.


The overall appeal of a property is determined by its demand in the market place.

The demand for certain buildings in a community helps to increase rental yield and speed of both rental and sale opportunities.

HYA rates each individual property on its appeal in the current market place.



The quality of past maintenance and requirement for ongoing maintenance of a property is a factor that affects rental yield.

A unit that requires substantial maintenance before it will be ready for rental will delay its income generation and lower the annual yield. High ongoing maintenance requirements are another factor that affects overall yield. Analysing past maintenance records enable us to avoid high maintenance properties.

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