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Financial Reporting

Dubai Investment Report
Dubai Real Estate Report

Operating with complete transparency, HYA's quarterly online Investment Financial Report enables investors to view the detailed financial performance relating to their investment portfolio.

We believe in keeping our clients always aware and updated about the performance of their Investment Portfolio, in order to confirm the quality of our work and the transparency of our asset management.

The Online Quarterly Investment Financial Report includes the following sections:

  • Executive Summary

  • Investment Yield Analysis

  • Investment Portfolio details

  • Single Asset Yield Analysis

  • Investment Cash Flow


Accessible 24/7 from anywhere with an internet connection, our online system gives investors the extra reassurance of being able to read their investment performance at anytime.

HYA online Investment management Report enables investors to view every transaction relating to their real estate asset, updated in real time.


At HYA we allow clients to gain private access to our management platform which allows clients to view and download a customised real time investment report.

The Online Investment Management Report includes the following sections:

  • Portfolio Outlook

  • Account Statement

  • Single Property Outlook

  • Portfolio Income Milestones

  • Tenancy Contract Management

  • Cash Balance for Withdrawal

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