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The Truth About The EXPO Effect on The Real Estate Market

Is it the greatest time to invest in Dubai?

If you are a real estate investor looking for opportunities in the profitable Dubai market, you need to invest 3 minutes of your time reading this article.

In just over a years time, Dubai will host the most relevant international event that takes place every 5 years in a chosen city in the world: the World Expo.

This huge event aims to be a meeting point to create and share ideas on new technologies, sustainability, economic and social development, connecting minds and looking at the future with new and conscious eyes.

This event is clearly a great opportunity for Dubai. It will boost the city’s economy by an impressive 23billion in the space of 6 months, expecting over 25 million people coming from all over the world.

You have probably already come across articles and reports related to the impact of the Expo on the city of Dubai from a cultural and economic aspect; you know how the Expo plans are changing and benefiting particularly the real estate market, creating opportunities for local and foreign investors.

However, we believe you struggle to find a dark side to this upcoming booming event; key factors to reflect upon before investing in Dubai.

Now, from an investors point of view, we propose 3 KEY QUESTIONS linked to this major international event that need an HONEST ANSWER.

1. With the EXPO 2020, the capital appreciation will massively increase and grow?

Honestly? No, we cannot talk about a massive and rapid change in capital appreciation.

Even though the Expo will:

  • Reveal a new city identity to the world, enhancing its international perception by showing how Dubai is today a safe place to live and work, having a mix of cultures that coexist peacefully, with an exciting business panorama and an ever-growing economy.

  • Increase the demand for apartments for rent in specific areas in Dubai.

… we will not assist to a revolution in these terms.

YOU SHOULD NOT BELIEVE in the fairy-tale that the Expo is massively increasing the property appreciation. There will be a growing curve but not an enormous and sudden peak.

2. Investing today in a Dubai property seems a smart move. But what is going to be in 5 years’ time?

In our vision, it is fundamental to look at this opportunity’s potential in the long run.

If today is a great time to invest in the real estate market in Dubai, what matters is thinking about a long term investment that needs to ensure a consistent passive income, not only at this positive present condition, but also - and even more - in the worst case scenario.

Promoting property investments today is easy, but a possible down time will eventually arrive and you need to be sure your investment return will not change, and evaluations - considering all the external factors - have been made ahead with experts who know the market inside out and can predict the ever-changing trend of the market.

Wise investors do remember the history of Dubai. The city has experienced hard times both financially and socially, and even though it is today a growing and powerful economy with great potential in a number of sectors, it is still smart to think in advance about how to ensure a long and steady profit regardless of market trends.

3. Should I expect a greater investments’ differentiation with the Expo?

Yes, there will be more chances to invest depending on the financial viability, widening the chances to invest in multiple properties or leaving the option to go for a major investment. Big international companies are already investing millions in Dubai.

Together with the Expo push on investments, Dubai is still a favourite for real estate investments, for the well- known reasons linked to:

  • Price per square metre, the lowest among world major cities

  • Higher returns on entry prices

  • Tax free conditions

  • Government initiative to provide a residence visa to major investors

Now, knowing the truth about the Expo effect on Dubai real estate market, it is time to think about the real opportunity, chose with whom to start this profitable journey, and spot the most profitable investment in the long run.

Before coming to a conclusion, before jumping in this profitable but complex market with no parachute, make sure you talk with the right people, able to provide you with all the info you need to best chose where to invest and manage the investment in the years to follow.

Look beyond our present.

Request a free consultation with a HYA consultant now. You will come to see that investing in real estate in Dubai with HYA, considerably lowers your risk, and that investing in real estate has never been as easy.



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