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Welcome to High Yield Advisors

Investing in Dubai Real Estate

Whether you live locally or abroad, or have no experience in this sector.

Every day we come across investment opportunities, new ways to make money easily and passively. They boast astronomical incomes in total comfort but after a few months, they inevitably shut down.

Real Estate is surely the only one sector that actually generates a "passive income", BUT ONLY IF:

  1. You lower the risk of losses from rentals by investing in demanded properties and under the right conditions.

  2. You have a team of experts who manage your properties with a high-performing and automated system.

Imagine being able to access a system that allows you to check REAL TIME the progress of your investments.


At HYA, we have developed a REAL-TIME reporting system. You will be able to connect to the platform and monitor the status of your real estate resources and download a customised investment report, which includes:

Portfolio Outlook

Portfolio Income Milestones

Account Statement

Tenancy Contact Management

Single Property Outlook

Cash Balance for Withdrawal

We consider the upkeep and maintenance of the property as the main aspect that mostly affects the value of the property over time. A well administered and maintained property attracts the best tenants, and a house with no issues has a stable lease price. Moreover,  attentive maintenance and constant management, keeps the rental value steady over time, regardless of the market trends. This is why at HIGH YIELD ADVISORS, we have created a maintenance, expenses and return on the property REAL TIME management system, where the investors can check ONLINE at any time of the day:

Rental Income Received

Service Charge Transactions

Payments Made

Maintenance Transactions

Utility Fee's and Payments

Management Fees

We manage over 400 properties in the most profitable areas of Dubai; we can show you how we have planned the real estate investment of 70+ satisfied investors, who live both locally and abroad.

Today, they enjoy their passive income in total safety.

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