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High Yield Advisors runs 1.3 million property portfolio simulations

High Yield Advisors (HYA), a leading Real Estate investment organisation based in Dubai has revolutionised the way they build real estate investment portfolios for their clients.

High Yield Real Estate Investments Dubai

HYA has developed and applies an algorithm that runs over 1.3 Million simulations for the selection and acquisition of the most profitable and risk-controlled properties for its clients.

The company has developed with the support of students from Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi, a complex and powerful mathematical matrix that enables them to simulate a multitude of real estate investment possibilities within the Dubai secondary property market.

The mathematical algorithm runs 1.3 million simulations for investors seeking to create a profitable investment portfolio built upon real estate assets. The algorithm is able to compare and utilise the historical financial data of thousands of properties within different areas in Dubai. Exerting these results, HYA are able to calculate the best investment solutions for their clients.

The algorithm results are then overseen by the HYA board who ensure it is aligned with each clients’ individual strategy and risk profile, HYA apply an internal rating method based on key parameters to ensure the most valuable buildings are selected.

This dual approach has proven to produce very reliable results in terms of the consistency of the profits and matching of investment expectations.

Patrick Parmeggiani, Founder, HYA, said: “Dubai has always been a place of rapid growth and development, making it difficult for investors to make the right decision on where to invest. We have bridged that gap to relieve investors of this problem by implementing a proven mathematical model. We often see investors decisions heavily influenced by the inviting marketing campaigns, however this approach can sometimes lead an under performing asset and compromise their investment experience in Dubai. The city has the capability of generating generous yields, and with our approach we make the investment experience transparent, profitable, and enjoyable for our investors.”



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