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High Yield Advisors are Dubai's leading real estate investment consultancy providing tailor-made real estate investment portfolios built to your individual needs and risk profile. HYA manage over 400 assets with a portfolio value of 150 Million USD from 70+ satisfied investors. 

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Introducing HYA

We share with you our passion for finance and real estate differently to any others in Dubai. Together, we will drive you through the safe steps towards a profitable and stress-free investment.

You and your needs are unique, this is where High Yield Advisors make the difference when generating your tailor-made, and highly rewarding real estate investment portfolio. 

Once we agree on your portfolio, we apply our end-to-end solution to relieve you from the stressful management activity.

This is as you have always dreamed you real estate investment should be!



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Our Story

Through our banking and corporate experience we have decided to bridge the gap created by ruthless real estate speculators. We have worked hard to create a business model that takes care and improves your experience when investing in the Dubai real estate market.

Our Vision

With your support we will make Dubai a better market place, leading the real estate investment sector as an example of innovation, transparency and integrity, always focussed on maximising your investment returns.


Investing with High Yield Advisors makes all you need to know available at all times,  just one click away. You will always be able to see where your money is, and enjoy the profit it is generating through our online real-time reporting. 

7 Easy Steps to Start Your Dubai Investment Experience

Testimonial - Giovanni Speranza, IT

"The smartest and most advanced way to invest"



Our team is driven by intensity, vision, innovation, transparency and integrity. We stay intellectually hungry and always operate based on strong ethical values with the aim of our investors at heart.

Office 23 - Level P4, Marina Terrace

Dubai Marina, Dubai, UAE

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